• Context Length: 8192

  • Model Name: starchat-beta

  • Languages: en

  • Abilities: chat

  • Description: Starchat-beta is a fine-tuned version of the Starcoderplus LLM, specializing in coding assistance.


Model Spec 1 (pytorch, 16 Billion)#

  • Model Format: pytorch

  • Model Size (in billions): 16

  • Quantizations: 4-bit, 8-bit, none

  • Model ID: HuggingFaceH4/starchat-beta

  • Model Hubs: Hugging Face

Execute the following command to launch the model, remember to replace ${quantization} with your chosen quantization method from the options listed above:

xinference launch --model-name starchat-beta --size-in-billions 16 --model-format pytorch --quantization ${quantization}